This course equips participants with the knowledge,skills and attitudes required for their efficient and effective use the target language to express basic everyday realities.

During the process they will also update their knowledge of some of the cultural practices, products and perspectives of the native speakers of the language.


This course is part of the requirements for the preparation of competent teachers of Spanish at the early Childhood and Primary levels.

It provides for:

their acquisition of the relevant theoretical and pedagogical knowledge and

  • their development of the skills and attitudes necessary for the successful preparation for and delivery of a programme oriented towards oral communication

This course aims to provide teacher-trainees (Spanish) with the appropriate theoretical base that would enable them to make informed decisions / selections with regard to teaching-learning approaches and language-teaching methodologies, in their daily practice.

This course will build on linguistic skills acquired by students who have been successful at the CSEC level, with the aim of raising their proficiency levels in the four skill areas of listening, reading, speaking and writing in the target language. It will consolidate and increase the students’ mastery of the fundamentals of the Spanish language and introduce some of the finer points of the language structure.